User-generated Content Policy

Reference to or use of hashtags on your social media posts regarding Yellow Box Corporation or any of Yellow Box, Mellow Mat, or SPORTYB products or features (e.g. #yellowboxshoes, #ybx, #mellowmatsandals) as well as tagging your social media post with our handle, @yellowbox, grants us a royalty-free, perpetual, transferable worldwide license to use, publish, and/or edit your post, in whole or in part, as we see fit.


All posts including, without limitation, your name, biographical information and all other names, usernames, pseudonyms, texts, likenesses, graphics, logos, marks, imaged, photographs, code, videos, clips, GIFs, moving images and all other information and material (all referred to individually and collectively as “UGC”). We will have sole discretion to use your UGC on any media platform, for any purpose, including to advertise our products.


Therefore, you hereby warrant and represent that you own all rights in said UGC and/or you have obtained the rights from any person(s) identifiable in your UGC. If there is anyone under the age of 18 in your UGC, you warrant and represent that you are either the parent or legal guardian of the identified person(s) or that you have obtained express consent from the parent or legal guardian of such identified person(s) to appear in your UGC and our use of such UGC. Additionally, you agree that your use and our use of your UGC does not infringe on the rights of any third party or breach any applicable law or regulation.


You agree to indemnify, and hold us harmless and any person acting on our behalf, from any and all claims, demands, costs, liabilities, damages and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) which we may incur in connection with the use of your UGC. 


We reserve the right to amend our User-Generated Content Policy at any time, so please check back here for the most updated policy.