At Yellow Box, we are dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint by making earth-conscious choices.
We’ve implemented the following eco-friendly practices to help reduce our impact on the planet across all of our collections.

Moving Beyond Plastic

Since 2013, we've taken a stance against the environmental challenges posed by plastic poly bags. Recognizing their difficulty in being recycled and the harm they inflict on the environment. This is why we made the decision to completely remove them from our shoebox packaging.

Guilt-Free Packaging

Our shoeboxes consist entirely of 100% recycled paper. In 2018, we revamped their design to be entirely glue-free, ensuring that our boxes are both eco-friendly and free from harmful toxins.

Maximizing Natural Fibers

We've increased the utilization of 100% natural fibers in the linings of all our shoe collections, resulting in a significant reduction in the use of synthetic alternatives. This includes materials like 100% cotton canvases, cotton twills, linens, and more.

A Sustainable Twist

We have incorporated recycled PET threads, which are polyester threads crafted from reclaimed materials such as plastic bottles, into our fresh sport-knit designs.

Kindsoles™️ Project

Kindsoles™️ is an ongoing project to build better shoes with sustainable components and thoughtful design. This growing collection is our effort to improve our impact on the environment one step at a time.