Product Care

We've come up with a few care tips to share with you to help extend your enjoyment of our unique and fashionable footwear.

Weather Conditions

To maintain the integrity of our product, we recommend not leaving them in hot vehicles, direct sunlight, areas with high heat exposure, and excessive moisture for long periods of time.


A unique feature of Yellow Box footwear is our signature hand-crafted ornamentation. This ornamentation gives our shoes an aesthetic look and a playful essence that is indicative to the Yellow Box brand. Although we try our best to deliver high quality fashionable footwear with unsurpassed quality control, our intricately, hand-crafted ornament shoes will require some delicate care and handling. Please note that even with care the decorative stones and jewels on our shoes could come apart from normal wear and tear. For more information about stone and jewel replacement please contact Customer Service at

Cleaning Tips


  1. Place a small amount of a gentle, moisturizing soap on a damp cloth and bring it to a light lather.
  2. Rub the damp cloth on the leather without putting too much water on the leather.
  3. Wipe away lather with a fresh damp cloth. Don't rinse the leather in water.
  4. Polish leather with a dry towel.
  5. Treat leather with a leather conditioner after it has dried completely.


  1. Spray a recently purchased or recently cleaned suede item with one of the many products that protect against water damage and other stains. As with any fabric, test a small, unseen patch first.
  2. Store suede items so that they can breathe. Avoid plastic bags, which prevent air circulation, and opt for a pillowcase instead of plastic bags.
  3. Keep suede away from light, which will fade the color, and damp conditions, which can encourage growth of damaging mold and mildew.
  4. If your suede shoes get wet, soak up excess moisture with a clean towel. Then allow the suede to dry naturally; do not use a heat source to speed up the process. After the item dries, restore the nap (the raised fibers typical of suede) with a suede brush.
  5. Use a nail file to remove dry mud and scuff marks on suede shoes. Gently file away the stain with delicate strokes. A suede brush also works to remove dirt on shoes and clothing.
  6. Remove oil stains on suede by rubbing talcum powder or cornmeal directly on the spot. After several hours, brush off the powder. Repeat if necessary.
  7. Keep in mind that major stains will probably require professional care. Take your suede item to someone who specializes in leather and suede; inexperienced drycleaners or cobblers can cause more harm than good.

Patent Leather

  1. Use a shoe brush to get out any bits of dirt from between the stitching. A shoe brush has soft bristles, which makes it the perfect candidate for cleaning patent leather shoes.
  2. Wash your patent leather shoes in a mixture of mild soap and soft water. Use a soft cloth made of cotton to wipe down the shoe, inside and out until it is cleaned. This will prime the shoe for future steps, but you must do this first. Allow to dry at room temperature for two days before moving to the next step.
  3. Use saddle soap with a soft cloth to clean your patent leather shoes inside and out. Make sure you clear off any excess saddle soap. The leather will absorb only as much as it can.
  4. You can also apply a leather conditioner to the shoe inside and out. This will not only finish off the cleaning process, but will soften your patent leather shoes a bit for maximum comfort.
  5. After cleaning and drying, you should apply a wax or polish to your patent leather shoe. This will protect the leather from future dirt, but it will also help to waterproof the leather, making for greater longevity.

For more care and cleaning information please contact us at